How to select two items with the same name in different datagridview (wpf c#)

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please; hello, i am having about 5 datagridview in my project with similar data column from sql database and with similar identity column so i would like to select every other row selected each time i select from any of the datagridview; so if a particular identity column row is selected i would like that specific row to be selected in all other datagrids in my application;

please this is what i have tried;

but its not working in wpf but works in windows form please some help me out; please

private void dataGridView1_CellClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
    int rowindex = dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].Index;
    int columnindex = dataGridView1.Columns[1].Index;

    foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView2.Rows)
        row.Selected = false;

    var cellValue1 = dataGridView1.Rows[rowindex].Cells[1].Value;  // 1 <= index of Name column in dgItems

    foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView2.Rows)
        var cellValue2 = row.Cells[0].Value; // 0 <= index of Name column in dgItemList

        if (cellValue1 == cellValue2)
            row.Selected = true;
            row.Selected = false;


Can Any One Help Me To Rewrite this Code For WPF this is what i want please

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    Please try if this works for you:

            private void dataGrid1_MouseDoubleClick(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)  
                var re = e.OriginalSource as TextBlock;  
                var text=  re.Text;  
                foreach (DataRowView item in dataGrid2.ItemsSource)  
                    var cellValue1 = item.Row.ItemArray[1].ToString();  
                    if (cellValue1 == text)  
                        dataGrid2.SelectedItem = item;  

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