Performance counters data is missing for Logical disk Free Megabytes rule for windows 2012 servers

shankar431 471 Reputation points

Hi All,

We have newly built SCOM 2019 environmnet and installed below windows server Management packs.

Windows Server 2012 (R2) (v6.0.7323.0)
Windows Server 2016 and 1709+ (v10.1.0.2)

when we checked the Performance View of Logical disk Free Megabytes randomly on few windows 2012 servers, we see the collection of performance counters is not stable and data is missing.

But performance counters data looks good for Windows 2016 and 2019 servers.

Can you please let us know what is causing this issue and how to resolve this issue.

Regards, Ravi shankar

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  1. System Center guy 686 Reputation points

    1) Check any event log on agent machine
    2) besides check whether only performance rule "Logical disk Free Megabytes rule for windows 2012 servers" has this issue or all performance collection rule


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  2. Crystal-MSFT 44,406 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @shankar431 , I have imported the following MP and create a performance view with the data collected from rule logical disk free megabytes Windows server 2012. and find it is working well.

    Here is rule settings:

    Performance view settings:
    For our issue, could you go to the affected agent and check the operations manager log on it to see if there's any error during the missing data time? Also check other performance information collected by other rule on the same agent to see if it is also affected during the affected time which is mentioned by Roger?

    In addition, please check if there's any Antivirus running on the agent. If yes, try to disable it and see if the result will change.

    If there's any update, feel free to let us know.

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  3. System Center guy 686 Reputation points

    What is your Windows server MP version?
    Current version no. is 6.0.7326.0 and you can download from

    Please make sure that you MP version is up to date.


  4. System Center guy 686 Reputation points

    For further investigation, you may uses follwoing SQL statements

    select SampleValue,InstanceName,dateadd(mi,DATEDIFF(MI, SYSUTCDATETIME() , SYSDATETIME()),DateTime) as [datetime],
    RuleDefaultName,DisplayName,Path from perf.vPerfRaw p
    inner join vPerformanceRuleInstance pi
    on p.PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId=pi.PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId
    inner join vRule pr
    on pr.RuleRowId=pi.RuleRowId
    inner join vManagedEntity mg
    on mg.ManagedEntityRowId=p.ManagedEntityRowId
    where RuleDefaultName like 'logical disk free me%'
    and mg.path=''
    order by DateTime is your windows server 2012 machine


  5. System Center guy 686 Reputation points

    Ravi shankar

    I has no much idea but you may try "Reset to default" on your personalize view or close your operations console and open it again with clear cache option.