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Hi there,

We want to create a Team using MS graph - not a problem, and already working. This is within an educational context (so we are creating a Teams Class), and your talking x0,000's of teams etc. dynamically being created and updated.

What we need to do is when someone looks at the team, have a front page of information based around that team, which includes auto-generated content from our system that creates the team - needs to include URL's as part of the content too so it's not plain text. This information may need to be updated.

Can't work out a way to do it...

Using the about/description for a team is woefully small and hidden away for our purposes - not a solution. Adding a tab with content would be a probable ideal solution, however Tab's can't just have content can they, they have to be linked to an app/external entity to display something.

Did look at wiki's, as by default it looks like a wiki tab was created when a channel is created - however despite examples from 2020 of people creating channels with a wiki created by default, all tests creating any type of team now no long appears to have a wiki tab by default. Also noted in the documentation that if you separately add a wiki tab, you can't configure it using the api. Doesn't look like a solution.

We know a possible solution would be hosting a web site with content somewhere, and then e.g. pointing a tab in a team/channel to this web site to show the content, but realistically that's a couple of orders of magnitude of complexity/set up/security/etc. that would need to be covered just to `show a bit of markup/html information for a team'.

Posting information in the chat is also not a solution.

Any ideas from anyone?

Thank you in advance,

Martin :)

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