Unity App not Properly Deploying to the Hololens 2

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I am currently working on the Hololens 2 through unity. I have recently developed an application and successfully built and deployed it to the hololens. I as doing some improvements so I uninstalled the app from the hololens and rebuilt and redeployed the app (in the same order as previously) the next day.

Visual studio gives the feedback that it was successfully build and successfully deployed however the app is no where to be seen on the hololens.

I occasionally also get an error that reads "unable to start debugging, operation not supported unknown error 0x80070057"

Troubleshooting i have already attempted is as follows:

  • I have ensured that my program architecture (ARM64 release) also matches that to what i'm building in visual studios.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • restarted my computer and the hololens
  • Updated visual studios
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HoloLens Development
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