Outlook consumes 70w at idle by default on my NVIDIA adapter

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For some time I have struggled to find out why my NVIDIA adapter is always consuming a minimum of 110w even at idle. This is huge and seriously bad for the environment. I noticed this with Windows 10 and now again on Windows 11. I've tried updates, the latest NVIDIA drivers and other fixes but nothing changed this.

I discovered the power use is actually caused by Outlook. I am running the latest M365 version of Outlook. When I open Outlook, it consumes 70w doing nothing. Outlook does this 24 hours a day 7 days a week unless I close it. This is hugely impactful on climate change.

I found I could disable graphics acceleration in Outlook but more concerning is every copy of Outlook that runs may also be consuming 70w of energy needlessly.

Is or are there any plans to fix Outlook's graphics acceleration implementation so it does not contribute to climate change by default? I envision millions of copies of Outlook all consuming 70w. 70wx1 million users = ~100,000 horsepower continuously every millisecond (very wasteful)

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Outlook Management
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    This issue is not about performance. This is about efficiency. Graphics acceleration causes a 70w increase. I demonstrated how this contributes to global warming. The problem needs to be addressed