Providing "Restricted Capabilities" explanation via Microsoft Store submission API

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It appears that there is currently no (documented) way to provide the “Restricted Capabilities” explanation via the Microsoft Store submission API?

For a Desktop Bridge app packaged as an MSIX, the “runFullTrust” restricted capability is always required, per:

Windows Developer support has informed that the “Restricted Capabilities” explanation field may be required periodically - even if the Restricted Capabilities used by an app submission have not been changed in subsequent app submission updates.

With the apparent lack of an ability to provide this field via the Microsoft Store submission API, this would seem to mean that it is not possible to reliably use the Microsoft Store submission API for updating Desktop Bridge applications.

This is a real bummer, especially since the use of - and explanation for - the “runFullTrust” restricted capability doesn’t change for Desktop Bridge apps.

Is there an undocumented way to provide the “Restricted Capabilities” explanation field via the Microsoft Store submission API, or could support for this field please be added? (Simply being able to provide this field to the API would seemingly solve this issue, and ensure the information is present for reviewers when required.)

(Note: The Microsoft Store submission API does support a “notesForCertification” field, but this appears to be distinct from the “Restricted Capabilities explanation / justification” field.)

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