change a value in xamarin forms through a website

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Hi every one. I'm kind of new to Xamarin and I have a simple problem but no idea to how do that.

I have written an app with Xamarin forms. the problem is Here that I want user connect to my website do sth and then come back to the app. I need to change a Boolean in Xamarin to true when
the task is done in website.

how I can get this information (just turn a false to true) from web?
I have no idea so any help will appreciated.

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  1. Leon Lu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 69,616 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

    I make a test with a button click then send a value(true) to the C# code in HTML, running result like following screenshot.


    To achieve it, you can use Js calls methods in C#.

    Create a Custom renderer for your webview (note HybridWebView is extend of webview in xamarin forms.), then AddJavascriptInterface called CSharp

       [assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(HybridWebView), typeof(HybridWebViewRenderer))]  
       namespace WebviewInvokeJS.Droid  
           public class HybridWebViewRenderer : WebViewRenderer  
               Context _context;  
               public HybridWebViewRenderer(Context context) : base(context)  
                   _context = context;  
               protected override void OnElementPropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)  
                   if (Control != null)  
                       Control.Settings.JavaScriptEnabled = true;  
                       Control.AddJavascriptInterface(new HybridJSBridge(Android.App.Application.Context), "CSharp");  
                       Control.SetWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());  
                   base.OnElementPropertyChanged(sender, e);  

    Then create a class called HybridJSBridge.cs.

       using System.Linq;  
       using System.Text;  
       using Android.App;  
       using Android.Content;  
       using Android.OS;  
       using Android.Runtime;  
       using Android.Views;  
       using Android.Webkit;  
       using Android.Widget;  
       using Java.Interop;  
       namespace WebviewInvokeJS.Droid  
           public class HybridJSBridge : Java.Lang.Object  
               Context context;  
               public HybridJSBridge(Context context)  
                   this.context = context;  
               public void ShowToast(string msg)  
                   Toast.MakeText(context, msg, ToastLength.Short).Show();  

    My html code is like following screenshot(this site cannot post html code). If you task is finished, you can call this CSharp.ShowToast (true) JS to return a value.


    For more details, you can refer to this thread as well.

    Best Regards,

    Leon Lu

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