How to build a property to grant an asp file output?

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As far as i can go, i use because i learn. The shortest input device i use is a keyboard.
To record input strokes i am in a search for a record device. Literarily A stream recording.
I advice myself to build a search pattern. With a html form tag maybe an asp output is possible.
To aim circuit storage units i want to write a property.

I start with a folder holding a main.css, index.html and app.js file. First i do not know what the
prime variable filename for an asp file is.
Second i try to verify if an output of an asp file decode through a html file tag

<form method="post" action="handler.asp">

with the following code content:


    Response.Write "<h1>Hello " & Request.Form("username") & "</h1>"



is possible.
Literarily my logic is a unordered list for my textenvironment.
Java is a device script.
Vb can be connected to java through asp.
A property is a pin connector test environment implementation.
A vb form can be used to proof a screen gethdc method for svg files or bitmap squares.
A graphic interface file is color insensitiv without sensor device input.
A mod for a broken log or log is not necessary a scale.

A set of technologies in the .NET Framework for building web applications and XML web services.
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An object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft that is implemented on the .NET Framework. Previously known as Visual Basic .NET.
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    Asp pages are html pages with embedded script support. The extension of the file should be .asp

    the supported scripting languages are vbscript and JavaScript. Vb script is typically the default.

    see tutorial

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