Command in a variable produces no output

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This gives me the results that i am looking for

$ExchangeServers = Get-TransportServer

    foreach ($Server in $Exchangeservers) {

  Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server $ -Start (get-date).addminutes(-1) -eventid agentinfo | select sender}

However when I put the command in a variable the results are blank. What am i doing wrong.

$ExchangeServers = Get-TransportServer

    foreach ($Server in $Exchangeservers) {

  $x= Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server $ -Start (get-date).addminutes(-1) -eventid agentinfo | select sender}

$x (Results show nothing)

Alexis Crawford

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Accepted answer
  1. Rich Matheisen 45,186 Reputation points

    Your variable "$x" is being overwritten for each server in the $ExchangeServers variable. If the last server in the array produced no output from the Get-MessageTrackingLog then $x will be empty.

    You can change "$x = Get-Mess...." to "$x += Get-Mess..." and each iteration will add its output to $x instead of overwriting $x.

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