How do I delete my Azure AD B2C tenant?

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How do I delete my Azure AD B2C tenant?

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  1. Grmacjon-MSFT 8,841 Reputation points

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A (Preview) platform. Happy to answer your question.

    Please follow these steps to delete your Azure AD B2C tenant:

    1. Delete all the User flows (policies) in your Azure AD B2C tenant.
    2. Delete all the Applications you registered in your Azure AD B2C tenant.
    3. Next, sign in to the Azure portal as the Subscription Administrator. Use the same work or school account or the same Microsoft account that you used to sign up for Azure.
    4. Switch to the Azure AD B2C tenant you want to delete.
    5. Select Azure Active Directory on the left-hand menu.
    6. Under Manage, select Users.
    7. Select each user in turn (exclude the Subscription Administrator user you are currently signed in as). Select Delete at the bottom of the page and select YES when prompted.
    8. Under Manage, select App registrations (or App registrations (Legacy)).
    9. Select View all applications
    10. Select the application named b2c-extensions-app, select Delete, and then select Yes when prompted.
    11. Under Manage, select User settings.
    12. If present, under LinkedIn account connections, select No, then select Save.
    13. Under Manage, select Properties
    14. Under Access management for Azure resources, select Yes, and then select Save.
    15. Sign out of the Azure portal and then sign back in to refresh your access.
    16. Select Azure Active Directory on the left-hand menu.
    17. On the Overview page, select Delete directory. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

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  2. msrini-MSFT 5,676 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Click on the link where it says, get permission to delete Azure Resources and then you will get a window as below:

    alt text

    Select Yes and then try again.

  3. Alvin Abraham 6 Reputation points

    I tried to change access management for azure resources to "yes" and it kept going back to "no"

    Tried loggin out and back in but no good.

    After maybe 20-30 minutes it took the "yes" and i was able to finally delete.

  4. Saurabh Srivastava 1 Reputation point

    The above step didn't work for me.

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  5. Jass Benny 1 Reputation point

    I followed the above steps

    1. Got the same error "get permission to delete Azure Resources" at first.
    2. Tried logoff and login again now able to delete the Tenant.
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