Must Xbox Achievements support the same languages as the title?

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Achievement Localisation

Creating a game, and need to know whether just using the default language for the Achievements will pass XR checks or whether the languages supported by the title MUST also be supported by the Achievements. i.e. localised.

I found this area that mentions 'can' a lot but nothing that really specifies a pass/fail condition for Achievement localisation.

Localizing app name and description
All the resources (strings and images) included in the manifest can be localized. The pattern for including localized strings is slightly different from those for images. These are detailed in the following section.

Adding localizable strings
The strings in the manifest can be localized based on the user locale and the locales supported by the title. It is important to provide a default string, which acts as a fallback if the user locale is not supported by the game. This section gives more details about adding default and localized strings to a game, which can then be consumed by the package manifest.


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