Is it possible to running one time script for all Child Instances of Discovered Instances SCOM

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Suppose I have Class B instances Hosted by Class A. Where I am running a discovery for A Target to Appliance.

Where I have 10 instances Class A.
Here my second discovery for Class B runs by Targeting Class A. So here script will run 10 times. Can apply any cookdown here where as i can run script one time for class B instances.

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  1. CyrAz 5,181 Reputation points

    It is possible to use cookdown with discoveries, but it's really hard to tell you more without seeing the actual script or even better the full MP code

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  2. Ali Burak Genç 21 Reputation points

    Hi @shaikso , I have written an MP for VROPS integration and I use following approach where I could discover all instances of a class running a script only once a day.

    A Watcher Class -> Cluster Class -> HostSystem Class (ESX) -> Datastore etc

    All classes are hosted by previous class and has relationship set. All of the class discoveries are targeted to Watcher Class.
    This way all the scripts run on the same windows server set as watcher and all of the instances of a class can be discovered at once.

    Of course VROPS API makes things easy for this approach but I believe you might also be using such an API if you are working with an appliance.