How can we back up .docx files in the local driver regularly?

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I am the copyright user of office 365, from China.
There are two problems I met during my work:

  1. I can't back up .docx files when I am editing my word files. The autosave function of office 365 is not the traditional autosave, it will replace the old word documents when it works, and we just can see the "same as copy", instead of "save as...". After I transferred to the local drive, the "save as...“ can be seen and we can set the save interval as 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, and so on... However, in the path of the save folder, the save files cannot be found, and the save folders are always empty! I also checked the save option under the "advanced--save--always creat the copy", but the saved file is not here!
  2. I prefer to save the files in the local driver because of the poor internet connection, sometimes I closed the word and turned off my computer after I saved the .docx file, but the file was lost!

If you have any solution or usage guide, please tell me: xxxxx

Thank you very much

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  1. arvind viswakarma 81 Reputation points

    You have problem with auto save in the online version due to bad internet and so you want to make local backup copies?
    In this case the best thing would be to not use the browser to edit the file but sync the file to your local folder first - using one drive.
    One you have the local copy visible, start working on it. Your changes won't be lost due to poor network since its a local copy. And whenever the internet is good, it will automatically update the online copy.

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  2. Viki Ji_MSFT 4,421 Reputation points

    @p chen ,
    Welcome to Q&A forum!

    Since the forum is a public area, in order to protect your personal privacy, I will replace your email address with xxxxx. Thanks for your understanding.
    Are you using OneDrive for Personal or for Business?

    • AutoSave is enabled by default in Microsoft 365 when a file is stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.
      You will see File>Save a Copy.
    • If you save the file on a local drive without syncing to OneDrive, you won’t be able to use the AutoSave.
      You will see File> Save As.
      Here is a document "What is AutoSave?" that introduces the AutoSave function in detail, please refer to it.

    The AutoRecover function in the figure below saves a copy in the automatic recovery file location when you have not done any saving. After saving (click Save/Save As), the files in this folder will be automatically deleted. And when AutoSave is off, AutoRecover still works.

    I would suggest you take arvindviswakarma's suggestion, use OneDrive to sync local folders, and double-click locally to edit your files.
    And I think you need to learn about Version history function in OneDrive, it could view and restore old versions of files stored in OneDrive.

    Besides, if you have any issues about Office desktop Apps later, you could post it on the following forum that supported language is Chinese.
    Microsoft Technet

    Hope the information is helpful to you.

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