sdelete parameter bug deletes partition table?

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Couldn't find where to post a bug report, so I'll put this here.

I was zeroing free space on a server that I had removed from production so I could archive it without wasting much space and I think I've found a parameter parsing error.

This VM has 4 SCSI devices laid out like so: 0:HDD (C:) 1:DVD (D:) 2:HDD (E:) 3:HDD (F:)

I was in a hurry and didn't read the documentation well enough and I tried several commands like:

sdelete -z 0 F
sdelete -z 0 F:
sdelete -z 0 F:\

Then I realised that -z doesn't take a percentage, so I did it properly - which took about the time I would expect given the size of the drive and had the expected result - the drive shrink wound up bang-on the total of used space.

After a reboot the machine won't start and I've discovered that along the way, one of these commands has erased the partition table from my (you can guess) drive 0, but I'm adamant that at each failed command all i got back was an instant drive not found error - there were no warnings and no processing time.

I didn't do anything else in the session and the VM was already off before I started so I'm pretty confident it was sdelete.

I'd love to know if this is a bug, and if so - will it get fixed?

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