Change email for microsoft exam, unable to sign into account.

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Alright so, this has been an extremely frustrating week with work, study and now trying to resolve this issue, so hopefully someone can help me here <3

I created a Microsoft account and then purchased and booked a Microsoft exam with Pearson testing centres, but the problem is months later I am unable to sign into my account as I have forgotten the password, I've attempted to click the forgot password button but that just takes me to a form asking for my details and previous emails I've sent / received from that account (none as its new and just used for this) this form is checked by a bot so isn't very good, Microsoft didn't provide me the option to setup any other backup authentication methods like phone number or secondary email address so that's the only option i have to get into my account, my next thought is that i should call Microsoft support but on further investigation they don't have over the phone support for these issues. so at this point I have pretty much given up on trying to get back into that account..

Now because there is a Microsoft exam linked to this Microsoft account I means I need to get into this account or find a way to switch the email for my exam to one that I have access to. so i called Pearson testing centres to see if they could change the exam email to an account that i have access to but they said that only Microsoft can change those details as they don't have permission, and to change the email address of a Microsoft exam you need to sign into it, which I cant. so I'm pretty much going around in circles wasting time here... I wish there was a direct Microsoft support number that i could call so that I can explain my situation to someone as the support options for this situation are very minimal. My boss at work said i have 20days to fix this... so im very stressed. if someone could help or at least point me in the right direction thatd be great :)

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.2K Reputation points MVP

    Microsoft Certification Program is supported on their own forums. I'd try asking for help with exam scheduling in dedicated forums here. (Participate\Ask A Question)
    Exams/Exam Registration/General Registration Questions
    Exams /Exam Registration and Scheduling/Scheduling with Pearson Vue
    Pearson VUE Customer service
    Pearson VUE contact / chat

    If an account access problem then also try resetting via the account recovery form

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