CoreWindow::CharacterReceived event didn't work for Japanese symbols

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I'm supporting UWP application and it uses pure DirectX, no XAML at all. Customer reported that he can't work with Japanese symbols. So I did some checking and found that for some reason CoreWindow::CharacterReceived method returns Latin symbols even if Japanese language selected in the system. This method works perfectly for Cyrillic symbols and even for Japanese if user uses IME Pad(soft keyboard). But not for hardware keyboard. Also other apps, like Notepad receives Japanese symbols with no problem

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  1. Nico Zhu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 12,856 Reputation points

    Hello, Welcome to Micorosoft Q&A,

    CoreWindow::CharacterReceived event didn't work for Japanese symbols

    I have to say it's by-design, please refer to CharacterReceived documentation.

    Apps do not receive this event when an Input Method Editor (IME) is enabled. The Input Method Editor (IME) handles all keyboard input and sets Handled to true.

    if you want trigger this event, you need to disable ime before typing.

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