Web Scraping Discover Credit Card Login

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Hello! I am trying to web scrape discover credit card to automate some tasks I have for my account. I am able to do this on other websites but for some reason discover returns as logged out.

The title is Discover Card: You Are Logged Out

So I don’t get the table for transactions returned.

Here is my code:

$userID = ‘username’
$password = ‘password’

$web = Invoke-WebRequest “https://portal.discover.com/customersvcs/universalLogin/ac_main” -SessionVariable discoverSession

$form = $web.Forms[1]
$form.Fields[‘userID’] = $userID
$form.Fields[‘password’] = $password

$sess = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ("https://card.discover.com/cardmembersvcs/statements/app/activity#/recent" + $form.Action) -WebSession $discoverSession -Method Post -Body $form.Fields

I must be missing something? Thanks for any help!!!

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