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Hi Microsoft,

The latest ADMX templates for Microsoft Edge for Business have an issue. Particularly the setting "ForceSync" that has the display name of "Force synchronization of browser data and do not show the sync consent prompt".

When checking the msedge.ADMX file in Notepad++ I can see that this setting should have two options available to configure. 0=Disabled and 1=Enabled. Extract from the file below:

<policy class="Both" displayName="$(string.ForceSync)" explainText="$(string.ForceSync_Explain)" key="Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge" name="ForceSync" presentation="$(presentation.ForceSync)" valueName="ForceSync">   
  <parentCategory ref="microsoft_edge"/>   
  <supportedOn ref="SUPPORTED_WIN7_V86"/>   
    <decimal value="1"/>   
    <decimal value="0"/>  

However, when you come to configure this policy in Group Policy Management Editor on a DC after uploading the latest ADMX templates, this pane is empty. The two options I'd expect to appear as radio buttons or a drop down menu. Neither of these appear so the policy is not actually configurable. Therefore, by default it disables this setting.

Screenshot below:

I've waited for 2-3 ADMX template releases now hoping it'll get noticed and be fixed, but it has not. So I'd like to raise it here. Can this please be passed to the relevant team and resolved in the next ADMX template release for Edge? We would like to utilise this in our organisation.

The setting should be able to be Enabled and then configure 0 or 1 as to whether you'd like to enforce this setting or not.


Kind regards,


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  1. Noel Burgess 626 Reputation points

    The setting should be able to be Enabled and then configure 0 or 1 as to whether you'd like to enforce this setting or not.

    Apparently not. Not all GPOs are configured in the same way. It looks as if this one is 'self-configuring' - if the policy is enabled, the reg key value ForceSync acquires data 1, but if it's disabled, the data will be 0:


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