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I dont know what is going on on this website.
But everytime i try to place a question here i get "Acces denied" Message on this website.

its very annoying please fix it.

A set of technologies in the .NET Framework for building web applications and XML web services.
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A set of technologies in the .NET Framework for building web applications and XML web services.
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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 57,641 Reputation points

    this is pretty poorly written, no wonder you have trouble.

    You should either post json, or do a form post, not both. the server put method does not support form posts, so if a file is included it will not work.

    also, why a single space for nulls?

    assuming the hook values are bound to form elements they would all be string, but your code uses them as others data types.

    your code sets a space to for null numbers, but the server gets a binding error when this happens, as a space can not map to a number.

    it looks like you are using an entity for a form post. bad design.

    it looks like edit is react component, but components should not be async. the async calls should be in a useEffect() callback.

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  2. osyris 236 Reputation points

    My actual question:

    I am trying to create a PUT request system i have work on it for a couple of hours to make it work but it has been a complete drama, sometimes the code work and Allot of times it completly fails. I feel like this could be code way better and more efficient especially from the client side
    the idea is that it should only update the fields that are not empty.


                public async Task<IActionResult> EditProduct(int id, ProductDto dto)
                    var find = await _dbContext.Products.FindAsync(id);
                    if (find == null)
                        return BadRequest("Could not find product");
                    if(dto.File != null)
                        if (dto.File.Length > 0)
                            string root = _env.WebRootPath + "/client/src/images/ProductImages/";
                            string oldFileName = find.ImagePath;
                            if (System.IO.File.Exists(Path.Combine(root, oldFileName)))
                                System.IO.File.Delete(Path.Combine(root, oldFileName));
                            string filename = Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + "_" + dto.File.FileName;
                            string filepath = Path.Combine(root, filename);
                            using (var stream = System.IO.File.Create(filepath))
                                await dto.File.CopyToAsync(stream);
                            find.ImagePath = filename;
                    if(!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(dto.Name)){ find.Name = dto.Name; }
                    if(!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(dto.Description)){ find.Description = dto.Description; }
                    if(dto.Price >= 0){ find.Price = dto.Price; }
                    if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(dto.Category)) { find.Category = dto.Category; }
                    await _dbContext.SaveChangesAsync();
                    return Ok();
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  3. osyris 236 Reputation points

    Client side Reactjs :

    const edit = async () =>{
            const[status,setStatus] = useState("");
            const[name,setName] = useState(null);
            const[description,setDescription]= useState(null);
            const[price,setPrice] = useState(null);
            const[category,setCategory] = useState(null);
            const[file, setFile] = useState(null);
            const inputRef2 = useRef(null);
        const edit = async () =>{
            const formdata = new FormData();
        let senddata = formdata
            if(file !== null){ formdata.append("file",file, file.name);  }
            if(name === null){formdata.append("name", " ");}
            if(description === null){formdata.append('description'," ");}
            if(price === null){formdata.append('price'," ");}
            if(category === null){formdata.append('category'," ");}
        let object = {
            name: name,
            description : description,
            price: price,
            category: category,
            file: null
        if(name === null){ object.name = " ";}
        if(description === null){ object.description = " ";}
        if(price === null){ object.price = -1;}
        if(category === null){ object.category = " ";}
          if(file === null){  senddata = object; }
          const res = await  axios.put(url,senddata)
            if(res.status === 200) {
                setStatus("Product has been succesfuly updated") }
                setStatus("Product has Failed to update")  }

  4. osyris 236 Reputation points

    This was not the full code , every time i post the full script i get a error on this website.
    also I have not finished the design

    I am trying to upload the Code to that part but im not even allowed:

        **Access Denied  

    You don't have permission to access "http://learn.microsoft.com/answers/answers/524392/post.html" on this server.
    Reference #18.b5361602.1629747933.2f50a30a**

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  5. osyris 236 Reputation points

    Only way i can show the rest of the code:


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