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Len Cardinal (CCSI) 136 Reputation points

We have some PDFs that are not rendering in SharePoint preview windows. Large percent of the text is not visible on the screen. The 'missing' text is actually present in the page source code, but is somehow hidden on the screen (z-order problem?).

The PDF's render fine directly in all browsers, as well as in all PDF editing apps.

We've tried different browsers, different machines, different networks, and in-private/incognito connections. None of this points to a browser specific issue or caching issue.

Has anyone seen this? The issue surfaced about a week and a half ago. We opened a support case with Microsoft but the experience has been bewildering, to say the least.

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  1. Len Cardinal (CCSI) 136 Reputation points

    I have a support case open. Yesterday, MS Support acknowledged the issue, and said they are targeting the end of September for a fix. They 'archived' the case for the time being.

    I provided Support a few PDF's that exhibit the issue. It is only some PDF's. These PDF's are vendor invoices sent to us by various companies. We are seeing the issue invoices from specific vendors. I cannot tell what authoring tool was used to generate the offending PDF's. Regardless, the PDF's work fine outside of SharePoint preview.

    So we'll have to wait for MS to fix the issue.

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  1. Allen Xu_MSFT 13,781 Reputation points

    Hi @Len Cardinal (CCSI) ,

    Thanks for your feedback. As per my test, I couldn't reproduce this issue on my end. As a workaround, I would suggest you use open > open in browser to preview the PDF file instead of using Preview button. Also, you can maintain collaboration with Microsoft support to troubleshoot this issue.

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  2. YA 0 Reputation points

    We had a similar issue and it turned out the files were uploaded from a zipped/compressed folder, so decompressing them and uploading them again fixed it.

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