RichCopy64 takes forever to startup because of badly written drive verification.

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I recently tried a frontend to Robocopy called RichCopy as I was finding the normal exoporer file copy took too long especially counting the files and no way to queue file copying from multiple sources.

This RichCopy frontend is very badly written especially as it it supposed to have been done by a Microsoft tech person. Here is the main problem.

When you start it up it, if you have mapped drives that are currently NOT connected, you can practically go and have a coffee before you can do anything with this app. I discovered this by running it under ProcessExplorer and in the capture below you can clearly see it goes through ALL drives and tries to Create a file. Then it hits the mapped drives and simply stops as can be seen from the time in the first column. This seems to be the case with the .msi installation it comes with.

If you ever try to select a different location to install the file and if you have disconnected mapped drives, you can you can practically go and have a coffee before you can actually select the location of your choice.

This is a terrible way to check for a drive and a MS tech should know that.
No way should you use this program with such sloppy coding. Pleas steer clear and for those who have complained of its slow startup, here is the reason.

So that is two coffees simply to install and start this app. Please stay clear of it if you value your files and sanity.125832-richcopybug.jpg

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    The solution to this problem can't be found in the Small Basic programming language.

    Try to find another tag.

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