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I am trying to install some apps company wide for all machines to try and mitigate physically going to each machine with a thumb drive to install these apps. There is no on prem server to push from and figured I would try pushing the apps with Endpoint Manager.

  • I created the apps in EPM > Apps > Windows Apps > + Add > App type - Line of Business App > selected the .msi file app.
  • I created a group in EPM > Groups > + New Group > Security Group, Membership type - Assigned, and I added 2 test Windows devices to push the app above to.
  • I added the group from above to the app above in the Assignment section under Required to have the app installed to those two test workstations.

However, the app is not installing and not sure if there is a push button to force the app installation or how to get the app to begin installation. I gave it 3 days to try and sync but still no joy. Thank you for any help. MS articles are not helpful and couldn't find anything of use or purpose.

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