Azure Pricing Calculator - JWT token doesn't update, expires every hour, have to log in again

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So, I wondered why I have to keep logging into the Azure Pricing Calculator, every hour, whether I'm using it or not.

Tried Chrome (no extensions) and Edge - same behaviour on both.

What seems to be happening is when you log on, you receive a jwt token with an expiry of 1hr. But no actions you take on that page refresh the token, it stays with that expiry time. I tried this testing with developer tools, 15 seconds before token expired, I added a VM to my price list, waited a few seconds.... "you have to log in to continue using the tool".

Surely any postback that the customer does to the page should refresh the token? Why so aggressive with the 1 hour timeout?

Despite what the tags are trying to coral me into, this isn't a lab-services thing.

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