[Visio] Link data between connection points and import it to table

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I would like to know if it is possible in Visio to add information/data to the connection point and if it is possible to present the connections as a table after hovering over the connection from a graphic example.

Maybe I will try to illustrate it with an example. I am performing a drawing showing the connection between the Cisco network switches. Let's say I have two switches (#1 and #2), for example Cisco C9200-48P. This example is avalaible in stencils so I loaded the shape to my workspace. I would like my project to include connections in graphical form and a table below showing which ports are connected.

Let's say I have loaded stencils showing both switches (#1 and #2) with 48 connection points (in places of network ports). I would like to add information about MAC address in port 5 of switch #1 (similarly as in port 7 of switch #2). And then link these two ports together as a connection. This connection from drawing would then be imported to the table below with the information that:
switch #1 port 5 connects to switch #2 port 7. And then these ports will be locked since there is connection between them.
It would be nice if such a row in the table would 'light up' after hovering over the connections between devices (because of the large number of connections in the table)

The question is whether such 3 things are possible to do and so:

  • assigning data to a specific port (connection point) in stencils
  • linking the connections to each other so that later on this information is included in the table below
  • display the connection on the table after hovering over link connection in graphical illustrate

How can I perform such operations like that :)

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