Does Azure AD B2C support v2.0 endpoints?

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According to this documentation, the Blazor project templates use v1.0 endpoints, but they can be upgraded to v2.0 by making the change shown.

However, this documentation is talking about Azure AD, not Azure AD B2C specifically. I tried to follow this in a Blazor Webassembly project, however when adding the suggested code, it requires me to add some additional nuget packages. However when I try to add these nuget packages, it complains that there is no runtime library available for the target platform. So this makes me assume that the suggested code is for the server-side only and not intended for a client-side Blazor Webassembly project? Does that sound right?

But then I started thinking, maybe Azure AD B2C doesn't support v2.0 endpoints at all as all the documentation and information I can find on the Internet talks only about Azure AD and not Azure AD B2C. Am I the only person that wants to authentic public users for a public facing app?

My Blazor Webassembly app will authenticate fine using the v1.0 endpoints, however I'm unable to call the Azure Functions app at all as the access token I get back from the Azure AD B2C v1.0 endpoint is not what the Azure Functions app is expecting. I've tried it in Postman, but using the v2.0 endpoints and the access token I receive works fine with the Azure Functions app. So I'm left wondering either Azure AD B2C does not support v2.0 endpoints or there is no runtime libraries available for Blazor Webassembly (for the required nuget packages) to be able to upgrade to v2.0 endpoints. I'm very confused.

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