ETA for availabilty of Static Web Apps in Canada region/zone

Philip Mabon 21 Reputation points

Is there an ETA when Static Web Apps will be available in Canada region/zone?

We have many different projects that could benefit from this service.

Azure Static Web Apps
Azure Static Web Apps
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  1. Denis Gendron 6 Reputation points

    @Grmacjon-MSFT , any news and ETA about this issue for Azure Static web apps? it's been more than a year... It's mandatory for some of my customers for data and source code to be hosted in Canada only (per example Banks, government applications, etc). Thanks!

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  2. corey wirun 6 Reputation points

    I 100% agree - in the Medical Education field, data and code HAS to physically be within Canada. So static web apps only hostable within the US are useless to us. Not the mention the egress/ingress costs (and connection delays) having US based static web app having to go across 'border' to get at data.

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  3. Grmacjon-MSFT 17,136 Reputation points

    Hi @Philip Mabon ,

    Based on the response from the engineering team your requirement is currently not supported in Static Web Apps. This is because Static Web Apps have a global runtime, so the site content is simultaneously hosted and available in multiple data centers. there is no ETA to share at the moment.

    However, we do support this for Azure Functions . You can create a function app in Canada and use the bring your own function app feature.


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  4. Andrew Lewis 0 Reputation points

    I also have a similar requirement in the legal industry for hosting static web apps in Canada only. Would love to see this feature.

  5. 2023-12-14T15:49:06.03+00:00

    @Grmacjon-MSFT We are very interested in this.

    The current limitation is that when you create a Static Web App, you must select a "Region for Azure Functions API and staging environments", right now the only options are Central US, East US 2, East Asia, West Europe, and West US 2.

    If there is any way to add Canada Central as an option, that would be a game changer. It's not about performance, it's all about compliance for us. This is a blocker.

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