Microsoft should FIX - "Errors were detected while saving (filename)"

Asha Kanta Sharma 6 Reputation points

Microsoft must FIX this decade long bug with appears out of nowhere and has ruined a lot of months of work of my life. Please fix the below error message. It is even appearing in latest Office 2019.

"Errors were detected while saving (filename). Microsoft excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in a new file click Continue. To cancel saving the file click Cancel."



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  1. FEDERICO GALLERANI 31 Reputation points

    Well known and really anoying bug. It seems to generate when using the VBA editor and deleting some worksheet that is referenced by some formula.

    I have resolved (most of the times) by completely removing the vba project using this procedure:

    1. Create a backup copy of the file (from file explorer)
    2. Change file extension from .xlsm to .zip
    3. Open the .zip file and locate the file /xl/vbaProject.bin
    4. Remove this file
    5. Change the file extension back to .xlsm
    6. Open normally the modified file. It should not show the error and save without problems

    Obviously in this way you will loose all the VBA macros in the Workbook, so you have to re-import them from the last (hopefully) working version of your file.

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  2. Emily Hua-MSFT 23,781 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi AshaKantaXharma,

    Does this issue occur with all Excel workbooks? Such as new workbooks?

    I would like to suggest you change your regional language settings in Windows and make English US as default language to have a check.

    Besides, when this issue only appears in some specific workbooks, please check whether there are any features like charts, pivot table created in old versions which are not compatible with Office 2019 now.

    You may also refer to try the workarounds and resolutions mentioned in article "How to troubleshoot errors when you save Excel workbooks".

    Any questions, please let me know.

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  3. darth pixel 6 Reputation points

    in my case the problem was deleting custom format

    stupidity of this issue is monumental


    • create custom format ie: tak;;; << try exactly this one (it will be created as t\ak;;;
    • use it on more than one cell
    • save the file - ok
    • select just one cell with new formatting
    • open formatting popup nd delete this new custom format
    • save - error

    it's 100% repeatable

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  4. Annie 1 Reputation point

    @Emily Hua-MSFT I can reproduce this error using Office 365 ProPlus (Build 12527.21330):

    • Start a new Excel spreadsheet, and add a new blank sheet to it.
    • Press Alt-F11 to open the VBA window, then minimise it (I think it will also work if it is closed at this point).
    • Put a number in cell A1 of Sheet 1, and CTRL+C to copy it
    • Start a new Word document and Paste Special, Paste Link: Microsoft worksheet object
    • Switch back to Excel and delete the sheet with the number in it (Sheet 1).
    • Try to save the Excel workbook.

    This same error is causing a real-world issue to a client - although the repro steps are a much simplified version. A fix would be more than appreciated.

  5. Micheal McMahon 1 Reputation point

    Hi AshaKantaXharma,

    This is also happening in Office 365 (O365 is work assignment but typing this on my home pc). There is no VBA code in the workbook: in fact I have never seen the message before yesterday (10/8/21) and have written many VBA scripts over the years (beginner to (I think) intermediate).

    It occurred for me when I used CUBE formula to create an income statement that was linked to a data model in the workbook using CUBE formula. At a certain point when I went to close down for the evening I wanted to save my progress so I could continue today. My progress was lost.

    The scenario: In a new workbook -

    • A data model was added with three queries.
    • Two pivot tables were created. Same data one more detailed than the other (IE summary and next level down).
    • The summary pivot table was converted to formula using the OLAP Tools>Convert to Formulas menu option. Those formula were moved around to create the income statement.
    • These were checked against the second unconnected pivot table (but note they were not connected).

    At the point of saving the file the values required for the associated categories were correct.

    As I understand it the data model does not reside in the excel workbook but is somehow connected to it. Perhaps there is a disconnect there (can't speak for the VBA element). However, so far, the same disconnect does not apply for workbooks with data models without CUBE formulae.

    This is my first ever posting on a Microsoft forum and wanted to add my support to your cause. This needs fixing. I will look into how I can raise this as a bug with Microsoft directly or add my support more effectively. I will also push the organisation I am on assignment with to push this to Microsoft. They are a huge organisation in the UK who will sort out the mental health issues I will have trying to resolve this issue ;-)

    Best Regards