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Hello everyone,
I am trying to deploy a large model using AzureML endpoint.
The model is made up of many sub-models which get loaded by the init() method as described in the documentation here.
The model is trained and then registered in AzureML.

When I deploy the model I can see in the logs that the gunicorn worker resets themselves after 300 seconds, so the whole ensemble of sub-models never have time to completely be loaded.

Is there a way to manually set the timeout of the gunicorn workers?

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  1. Matteo 26 Reputation points

    Hi @Ramr-msft thanks for the time.
    So I have a notebook that I use for deploying. The steps are the following:
    First I connect to the Workspace and select a registered model and a registered env.

    ws = Workspace.from_config(path="./config.json")  
    model = Model(ws, 'Model_Name')  
    env = Environment.get(workspace=ws, name="condaenv")  

    Then I create a inference config and deploy config with this cell:

    inference_config = InferenceConfig(  
    deploy_config = AciWebservice.deploy_configuration(cpu_cores=1, memory_gb=4)  

    My has the required two methods init() and run() plus a couple of methods to postprocess the inferred data:

    def init():  
    global model  
    model = MyModel.load(os.getenv('AZUREML_MODEL_DIR'))  
    def run(request):  
    predictions = model.predict(request)  
    return postprocess(predictons)  

    The actual deployment is then done by running the next cell:

    service = Model.deploy(  

    So then AzureML work his magic stuff until then it runs the init method in
    Problem starts here, since the loading of all the sub-models takes more than 300s and the workers timeout and are killed, then a new one is spawned but then the cycle starts again.

    In other project (which did not involve using AzureML endpoints) I had a more direct access to gunicorn configuration and I could change the timeout or set the loading of the module to complete before workers were spawn.

    Is something similar possible with AzureML endpoints?

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  2. Funzo69 1 Reputation point

    @Matteo @Ramr-msft Was there ever a solution found to this problem?

  3. Daksh Sinha 0 Reputation points

    I found a workaround for this. Package the model before deployment.

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  4. Tommaso Berritto 0 Reputation points

    Anyone found a solution? I have a similar iussue

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