Windows 10 PRO machine does not get temporary IPv6 address while privacy settings are enabled

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I have Windows 10 PRO installed and IPv6. I don't get any temporary IPv6 addresses. I only get a Link Local and the Global Unicast address from the DHCP.

'Use Temporary Addresses' are enabled and also 'randomize identifiers' are also enabled. See the output.

How do I get my Windows machine to generate and use IPv6 Temporary addresses?


C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh interface ipv6 show privacy

Querying active state...

Temporary Address Parameters

Use Temporary Addresses : enabled

Duplicate Address Detection Attempts: 3

Maximum Valid Lifetime : 7d

Maximum Preferred Lifetime : 1d

Regenerate Time : 5s

Maximum Random Time : 10m

Random Time : 7m38s


C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh interface ipv6 show global

Querying active state...

General Global Parameters

Default Hop Limit : 128 hops

Neighbor Cache Limit : 256 entries per interface

Route Cache Limit : 4096 entries per compartment

Reassembly Limit : 267845952 bytes

ICMP Redirects : enabled

Source Routing Behavior : dontforward

Task Offload : enabled

Dhcp Media Sense : enabled

Media Sense Logging : disabled

MLD Level : all

MLD Version : version3

Multicast Forwarding : disabled

Group Forwarded Fragments : disabled

Randomize Identifiers : enabled

Address Mask Reply : disabled

Minimum Mtu : 1280

Flow Label : enabled

Loopback Large Mtu : enabled

Loopback Worker Count : 4

Loopback Execution Mode : inline

Source Based ECMP : enabled

Reassembly Out Of Order Limit : 32 fragments

Current Global Statistics

Number of Compartments : 1

Number of NL clients : 5

Number of FL providers : 5

Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
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  1. Limitless Technology 39,471 Reputation points

    Hi there,

    I suggest you to try this CMD to enable it and see how it goes

    Open an Elevated Command Prompt.

    a). Enter the following command to enable the random IP address generation feature and then press enter:

    netsh interface ipv6 set global randomizeidentifiers=enabled

    Then input the next command to allow Windows to randomly generate a temporary address to use for network communication.

    netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=enabled

    Restart your PC and check if their are any temporary ID created

    Hope this Answers all your queries , if not please do repost back .
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  2. Richard-D 1 Reputation point

    @Limitless Technology Unfortunately still no temp IPv6 after successfully executed your command.

    But all my other machine (Windows and Linux) also lack a temp ipv6 address. What is responsible for the temp addresses? Is it the router or the host?

    I'm using a Unifi Dream Machine Pro router.

    p.s. sorry for my late response, I didn't got a notification of your post.

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