Server 2019 Core Hpyer-V: Error cannnot start VM with TPM as virtualization based security not runnig on the host

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Error Relating to TPM on VMs: cannot use TPM on VMs.

Hyper-V Setting on the VM: on the VM properties, under security, Encryption Support the option for Enable Trusted Platform Module is ticked

I have 3 HP ML350 G6's running without error using TPM on VMs without issues for the last 2 years. Now I decided that I didn't need 3 servers as 2 servers will running all my VM's without issues. So, after rebuilding one of the servers and install and upgrade the OS, enabling Hyper-V and other options e.g. Host Guardian Service, Host Guardian Hyper-V Support, VM Shielding Tools for Fabric Management, etc. The only resource these servers do is run Hyper-V nothing else all other services are run on VMs e.g. webservers, etc.

When I migrated a VM from HV Host 1 to the New HV Host 2 I encountered the error with TPM.

Issues: this is the message I get when I try and run the VM with TPM ticketed.

"Failed to start

The virtual machine (VM Name) can't start because the virtualization-based security is not running on the host."

basically, indicating that the services with the window server roles are not running, however, I have checked the various website and I have all the services enabled as listed above. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a resolution?


All servers are running TPM on VMs fine before the rebuild with issues

Server 3 which is not rebuilt and still operational is running TPM on VM's without issues

compared both installations Server 3 and Server new 1 rebuilt and all are the same however I might be missing something from staring at the screen for too long trying to figure this out

Servers 2019 are all core installations

All Servers are managed by WAC or RSAT Tools on W11/W10 and Directly on the physical server with FoD installed

Image of error

help much appreciated


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