will be visual studio 2022 better than resharper and rider?

moeen kamali 1 Reputation point

hi. i like best coding ide but vs is best as its free.

i need to know is visual studio 2022 covers all good features(especially debugging and completion) of rider and Resharper or we still need to use them for those features?

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  1. Karen Payne MVP 35,286 Reputation points

    To start off, Reshaper adds a great deal of features and functionally to any edition of Visual Studio. I've found that the average developer can get along with Visual Studio developer edition although once they see what Resharper is capable of they want Resharper.

    Does a developer need Resharper? No but many will tell you including myself that Resharper will assist a developer in many ways that one can not think about until they try Resharper out.

    • Visual Studio Enterprise edition has everything a seasoned developer needs to Intellisense, unit testing and debugging
    • Visual Studio community and developer edition lack some of the debugging features in Enterprise Edition
    • Overall Resharper will always provide features that go above and beyond the standard features of standard Visual Studio.
    • Can't speak for Rider, never used this product
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  2. Lex Li (Microsoft) 5,152 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    JetBrains keeps an article on feature by feature comparison so that you can see what ReSharper/Rider offer beyond Visual Studio for Windows. VS2022 won't fill all the gaps, as Microsoft needs to also take care of the platforms (Windows/.NET) which is rather costy.

    IMHO, you don't need ReSharper/Rider unless you do need certain features (such as advanced refactoring support), but you have the last words.

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