Graph api not returned member email using channel

Tittu Varghese 1 Reputation point

I have used below code to get the channel users emails.

GraphServiceClient graphClient = GraphServiceClient.builder().authenticationProvider( authProvider ).buildClient();  
ConversationMemberCollectionPage members = graphClient.teams("2ab9c796-2902-45f8-b712-7c5a63cf41c4").channels("").members()  

The http api call output is given below, but in SDK not returned email and userId;. How to get the user emails from the channel id.

"@odata.context": "$metadata#teams('2ab9c796-2902-45f8-b712-7c5a63cf41c4')/channels('')/members",  
"@odata.count": 2,  
"value": [  
        "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.aadUserConversationMember",  
        "id": "MmFiOWM3OTYtMjkwMi00NWY4LWI3MTItN2M1YTYzY2Y0MWM0IyNlZWY5Y2IzNi0wNmRlLTQ2OWItODdjZC03MGY0Y2JlMzJkMTQ=",  
        "roles": [],  
        "displayName": "Jane Doe",  
        "userId": "eef9cb36-06de-469b-87cd-70f4cbe32d14",  
        "email": ""  
        "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.aadUserConversationMember",  
        "id": "MmFiOWM3OTYtMjkwMi00NWY4LWI3MTItN2M1YTYzY2Y0MWM0IyNiMzI0NmY0NC1jMDkxLTQ2MjctOTZjNi0yNWIxOGZhMmM5MTA=",  
        "roles": [  
        "displayName": "Ace John",  
        "userId": "b3246f44-c091-4627-96c6-25b18fa2c910",  
        "email": ""  

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  1. Danstan Onyango 3,816 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    You must be on an older version of the SDK. I see these field when using the latest SDK which is SDK version 4.3.0 at this point.