What is Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis.dll?

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I'm currently backing up a system assigned to a colleague, and we need to scrape everything off the system for our system configuration. Most of the files I needed to retrieve were in the "WinSxS" folder, but I really don't sniff in that place much because I find it scary, like this file called "Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis.dll". I didn't quite understand, as the only webcam on this system has never been used, not even in OBS or Skype, and I have that proof, since I was interested, I extracted the dll to see what was inside, only to find this text:
VALUE "CompanyName", "Microsoft Corporation"
VALUE "FileDescription", "Microsoft (R) Face Detection DLL"
VALUE "FileVersion", "10.0.19041.746 (WinBuild.160101.0800)"
VALUE "InternalName", "Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis.dll"
VALUE "LegalCopyright", "\xA9 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."
VALUE "OriginalFilename", "Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis.dll"
VALUE "ProductName", "Microsoft\xAE Windows\xAE Operating System"
VALUE "ProductVersion", "10.0.19041.746"
I mean, there are some files like "DriveToast.exe" or whatever that surprises people (hint hint read the properties), but I cannot find any information on this file, even on my web crawler. I just want to know what this file means.

I don't even know if this is a Windows Media Center or Windows Live Essentials 2012, which we've had installed since 2013. If you need my system information for any reason, it will be provided below. Just keep in mind that we just upgraded this computer from Windows 8.1 Pro literally yesterday, just because whatever.

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    Thanks! With that I got to it’s just a Live Photo Gallery thing from the Essentials 2012 pack. Thanks for your help! Basically what it does is detects the face and tags all the analyzed images with set person, so it’s kinda like Twitter.

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