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Hi everyone,

quick question about categorization with colors in TSI. I have the following raw data send to event hubs. As you can see, i have extended this raw data with a color column containing some iff statements to create zones (cold, normal, hot) based on the actual temperature! As you see, this works!


Now, if I take the same query and apply it to TSI, it behaves differently than expected!


take a look especially to the markers set. Marker 3 and 4 should be yellow instead of green because temp is below 20. The same applies for Marker 5. This should be green and not yellow. I dont know how i can change this behavior!

Does anyone has an answer to this?

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  1. António Sérgio Azevedo 7,666 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Christian Wunderlich ,

    I have noticed that your iff statement should include <=20 to show you the expected results.

    iff(tolong($event.temperature.Double) <= 30, iff(tolong($event.temperature.Double) <= 20, 'cold', 'normal'), iff(tolong($event.temperature.Double) > 30, 'hot', 'normal'))  

    Neverheless, because you are ingesting hourly temperature values, if TSI ingests temperature 20.5 hourX and then 19.5 hourY you will have the area painted in color "Yellow" between hourX and hourY - and that is expected since TSI assumes you had a flat value of 20.5 during that period.

    Thank you!

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