Refining by page language with PNP Search Web Parts

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I'm putting together a custom search page using the PNP search web parts. I have my search results working fine, but it's for a tenant that's using the SPO multilingual pages and I want to refine by the language of the page.

There is a property SPTranslatedLanguage, which shows the language of any page that's a translation, but shows null for a page in the default language. So if I have the default language on the site as English with French and German as an available translation languages, then the translated pages will be tagged as French or German in this property, but the original English page that they're translations of will be tagged null.

This means if I map SPTranslatedLanguage to a refinable string property and add this in the search filters web part, I can refine by French or German, but there will never be an English option to refine by. Does anyone know how I could create a refinable property that would let me filter by the default language as well?

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  1. RaytheonXie_MSFT 32,726 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Meats Jessica ,
    We can refer to the following link to add refiners to your search results

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  2. Martin Laplante 316 Reputation points

    You can search on SPIsTranslation to return source pages on sites where Multilingual Page Publishing feature is on. That assumes that this source language is always English. If the source is not always English, then you can check for the combination of SPIsTranslation and SPTranslatedLanguages not including English.

    If you want to find things by language regardless of whether the feature is on, then you can search by the managed property DetectedLanguage.

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  3. Meats Jessica 1 Reputation point

    @Martin Laplante
    When I pull back SPIsTranslation, the debug mode on the search webpart is showing that property set to False for every result - even the ones that have a translated language. Even if I could retrieve this property correctly, it wouldn't be ideal because then I would have one refiner for "is it translated" as a yes or no and then another refiner for the translated language, instead of a single refiner for language.

    I can't see DetectedLanguage as one of the optional properties to retrieve in the search results settings and when I try to map this onto a refinable string property, it doesn't show up in the search of crawled properties available to apply to a mapping. Am I missing something here?

  4. Meats Jessica 1 Reputation point

    DetectedLanguage is a managed property but it's not a refinable one, and I can't see it on the list of properties to retrieve in the search result web part.