Incorrect DC version shown in Active directory users and computers

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I have provisioned a 2 domain controllers on Azure VMs (windows server 2019 marketplace images)
strange part is, when I open active directory user and computers console, and select "change domain controller" by right clicking on Domain name.

I see both my DC with online state, but DC version shows windows server 2016 which seems to be strange to me, as it should be showing windows server 2019.

Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019
A Microsoft server operating system that supports enterprise-level management updated to data storage.
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  1. Jean-Valentin 6 Reputation points

    Hi All,
    I maybe found myself :)
    On the AD site and services, go on the NTDS Settings properties of one of my server with this strange behaviour, go on attribute editor then the not well updated attribute is msDS-Behaviour-Version

    I found this article, at the end they changed manually the attribute

    In doubt, I also rebooted my 4 RODC and verified the replication went fine.
    Now on Active Directory Domains and trusts, I could now Raise the Domain Functional Level

    I'll force the AD partition replications
    (Get-ADDomainController -Filter *).Name | Foreach-Object {repadmin /syncall $_ (Get-ADDomain).DistinguishedName /e /A | Out-Null}; Start-Sleep 10; Get-ADReplicationPartnerMetadata -Target "$env:userdnsdomain" -Scope Domain | Select-Object Server, LastReplicationSuccess

    Then on the afternoon, I'll raise my Forest Functional Level.

    Hope this resarch could help someone, one day.


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  2. Dave Patrick 426.3K Reputation points MVP

    You may be looking at the functional level which is correct for Server 2019 (2016 functional level)

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  3. Limitless Technology 39,471 Reputation points

    Hello @WinTechie

    Please have a look on below Microsoft article to install AD role in 2019
    and verify its version in AD.


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  4. cthivierge 4,056 Reputation points

    I did a quick test in a test environment (on-prem) with a Windows 2008 R2 domain controller (no updates) and after adding the first 2019 DC, i didn't had any issue with the DC version.

    But i remember having this kind of issue several years ago but i think it was with a Windows 2000 or 2003 DC's... long time ago ;)

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  5. Jean-Valentin 6 Reputation points

    I've quite the same issue. Can you help me please?
    Small summary of the situation:
    I demoted 4 old 2012R2 and 2008 R2 RODC from my domain and replaced them by 2019 RODC,
    We have now any DC under 2016 in our AD. (Shema version 88 Windows 2019)
    I wanted to raise my domain functional level to 2016 but received the message : The server is unwilling to process the request.
    After searchig a lot on the net I fixed the ADSI Default naming context\lost and found folder. Also on System\DFSRGlobalSettings\Domainsystemvolume\topology, i removed old DC's.
    With Dcdiag /e /test:sysvolcheck /test:advertising, i fixed all the advertising errors (Due to a NTP error and Sysvol check was fine)
    Sysvol is replicating fine and AD 5 partition too.
    But I think I can't raise because of this :
    Get-ADDomainController -Filter *| Select Name,OperatingSystem | Sort-Object name show my os in Windows Server 2016 Datacenter or Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.
    But trying to change domain controller from ADUC or ADDT show them as W2K8 R2
    It mean the information is pointing to a different attribute. How can I update this information please?


    PS : Curently Forest and Domain functional level is : Windows Server 2008 R2

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