Replication between two storage accounts in different regions, must be read/writeable and zone redundant

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We are setting up an active/active configuration using either front door or traffic manager as our front end. Our services are located in both Central and East US 2 paired regions. There is an AKS cluster in each region. The AKS clusters will write data to a storage account located in their region. However, the files in the storage accounts must be the same in each region. The storage accounts must be zone redundant and read/writeable in each region at all times, thus none of the Microsoft replication strategies work. This replication must be automatic, we can't have any manual process to do the copy. I looked at Data Factory but it seems to be regional, so I don't think that would work, but it's a possibility....maybe. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this task?

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  1. HimanshuSinha-msft 19,386 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @richardwolford-7948 ,
    Thanks for the ask and using the Microsoft Q&A platform .
    Since you mentioned that the you have an active-active setup , so

    • the files needs to copied from cluster 1-> cluster 2 and also cluster 2 ->cluster 1.
    • Since its a active-active setup the latency between the clusters should be minmum .

    I see few challenges using ADF . In ADF to copy the files you will have to initiate a pipeline , the pipeline can be intitiated using triggers . Since we want to have the latency low , I think event trigger is the way to go . Please do read out about the event trigger here . Please do focus on the pt#6 .

    I have never implemented anything like that , but I have a strong feeling that ADF is not the right tool for the solution .

    @Sumarigo-MSFT : Do you think there is some other thing which @richardwolford-7948 can use .

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