New HLK Client for Windows 11 cannot be installed on Windows 10

Jimmy_Lee 1 Reputation point

The new HLK Client for Windows 11 cannot be installed on Windows 10 (not compatible).
We could old version of HLK Server on another Windows Server but it's redundant to partners (new machine, Windows Server, installation time).

Is there any way to install the new HLK Client on Windows 10?

My repro steps :

  • Uninstalled old HLK Server +Studio and installed the new HLK Server + Studio for Windows 11 on Windows Server 2016.
  • Connect to HLK Server on Windows 10 x64
  • Go to \HLKServer\HLKInstall\Client and run setup.cmd (or setupamd64.exe)

Expected results:

  • HLK Client has been installed without error.

Actual results:

  • Setup Failed. Message windows shows "This version of the HLK Client is not compatible with this operating system version..."


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Windows Hardware Performance
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  1. Jimmy_Lee 1 Reputation point

    Got answer from Microsoft.
    We have to prepare 2 servers. One for HLK 10, the other one for HLK 11.

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  2. zero wei 0 Reputation points

    Could you help to provide what the Server HLK version on win10 OS you used? Due to I just used the HLK version as below list that only dicscover the client, but it do not provide any test item.

    Server: Windows HLK for Windows 10 版本 2004

    Client: Windows 10 22H2 x64

  3. zero wei 0 Reputation points

    I used the following version and I can see the client's platform from configuration.

    But i can not found any HW devices from Selection.

    Server-side: Windows HLK for Windows 10 版本 2004

    Client-side: Windows 10 22H2 x64

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    User's image