21H2 CompatPlaylist (for Windows 11) is different from others(1903, 2004, etc)

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After installing HLK for Windows 11 and loading 21H2 CompatPlaylist, the test items for WFP driver have not been changed like Unloaded.
However after loading previous(1903, 2004, etc) CompatPlaylist, the test items had been reduced.

My repro steps:

  • Installed the new HLK Server + Studio for Windows 11 on Windows Server 2016 machine.
  • Connected to HLK Server and installed HLK Client on Windows 11 testing machine.
  • Installed our WFP(Windows Filtering Platform) driver on Windows 11.
  • Run HLK Studio and check testing items as below.

(for example, Windows Filtering Platform driver)
TDI filters and LSPs are not allowed
HyperVisor Code Integrity Readiness Test
Hardware-enforced Stack Protection Compatibility Test

  • Load 21H2 CompatPlaylist (the latest)

Expected results:

  • Many of test items will be reduced as 1903/2004 CompatPlaylist do

Actual results:

  • Test items is the same to Unloaded. Nothing's reduced.
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