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Sarvagna Naidu 21 Reputation points

We have requirement where pipeline A runs every day and pipeline B runs once in every month and it is dependent on pipeline A (pipeline B should trigger after successful completion of pipeline A).

Using scheduled trigger, we cannot have hard dependencies between 2 pipelines, where as with tumbling window, we cannot exactly specify the day which the pipeline B should run(it has only two options, minutes and hours where as scheduled trigger has months and weeks also)

Both the triggers has its disadvantages with respect to this scenario.

What could be the best possible solution for the above scenario?

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  1. Thomas Boersma 806 Reputation points

    Hi @SarvagnaPamidi-7119

    The first solution that comes to mind is to add an 'If Condition' to your pipeline A or create a new pipeline and add Pipeline A and the condition activity to it (as shown in the example). The adjusted or new pipeline should have a trigger on it that is set to every day. The 'If Condition' activity checks if the current date is the first of the month. If so, it should activate your pipeline B.

    Here is an example:

    The code in the If Condition activity could be: @equals(dayOfMonth(utcnow()), 1)

    Maybe there are better suited solutions, but I think it is not possible to succeed with only triggers. There should be a condition somewhere.

    Hope this helps.

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