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Dear Technet,

I saw some advanced programming articles that WORD had powerful tools to do better and simpler outlines. I would like help in creating a modified Government printing office outline/list that uses more of a margin like concept following the generated text.

That is, after whatever the generated list level outline text is I want a specific amount of white space, much like in paragraph setting there is a before and after space setting, and I do not want the text of the paragraph to flow to the left of the generated list outline text.

The issue with the GPO outline example on page 326 of the manual: https://www.govinfo.gov/collection/gpo-style-manual?path=/GPO/U.S.%20Government%20Publishing%20Office%20Style%20Manual is that by time the list gets to level 6 or 7 nearly half the page is gone and paragraphs run on forever.

I have attached a demo of what I want but as seen later in the template when the Roman numerals increment up higher the generated text gets close to the indented text.129184-gpo-outline-list.pdf

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    Follow the directions given by Word MVP Shauna Kelly to set up multi-level outline numbering attached to styles.

    Once the numbering is set up, use the styles to number individual paragrahs, not the numbering buttons.


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