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Hello, I am not getting the expected result. Missing Ahsan Khan and Samad Khan in the result. Both have no perc amount so it should be blank in the result.
drop table #a,#b
Create table #a (Employee char(10), Bid char(2), ELastName char(10), Efname char(10))
Insert into #a values ('11111','1','Ahsan','Khan')
Insert into #a values ('11111','2','Samad','Khan')
Insert into #a values ('11111','3','Neelam','Khan')

Create table #b (Employee char(10), BT char(4), ELastName char(10), Efname char(10), perc int)
Insert into #b values ('11111','LLL','Neelam','Khan', 100)
Insert into #b values ('11111','DDD','Neelam','Khan',100)

Select a.Employee, a.Bid,a.ELastName,a.Efname,b.BT, b.Perc from #a a left join #b b
on a.Employee=b.Employee where a.Employee='11111' and a.Efname=b.Efname and a.ELastName=b.ELastName

Expected result:
Employee Bid ELastName Efname BT Perc
11111 1 Ahsan Khan
11111 2 Samad Khan
11111 3 Neelam Khan LLL 100
11111 3 Neelam Khan DDD 100

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  1. Viorel 113.7K Reputation points

    This query seems to work:

        coalesce(a.Employee, b.Employee) as Employee,
    from #b b
    right join (
        select ELastName, Efname
        from #a
        select ELastName, Efname
        from #b
        ) u on u.ELastName = b.ELastName and u.Efname = b.Efname
    left join #a a on a.ELastName = u.ELastName and a.Efname = u.Efname
    order by Bid
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