Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Pool mirroring virtual disk

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Hi all,

I have the following problem: A Windows Server 2012 R2 is hosting a storage pool consisting of 3 x 8TB physical disks. There is one volume on that pool with simple storage layout. I want to move the data off that volume to another virtual disk presented by another storage pool on that server.
The physical disks of that other storage pool have exactly the same size. So what I did was opening diskmgmt.msc to convert the start volume from basic to dynamic and then add the new volumeas a mirror and waited for resynching to finish. I broke the mirror to remove the old virtual disk, data still present as the drive letter is still online.
I detached the old virtual disk from the server, but now I am afraid I could lose the data, as I am not able to see the volume anywhere. It is still accessible in diskmgmt and explorer, but I don't see the virtual disk in Server Manager/File and Storage Services.
And in the storage pool overview in server manager the is no volume attached to either the new or old storage space. I am afraid to delete the old virtual disk and lose access to my data.
I know this sound really strange, but I hope one can understand and give some advice what may happen.


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    You mentioned that you removed old virtual disk and data still present as drive letter,
    I would suggests , please access that driver letter are you able to see and files?
    Please attach that virtual disk if you have and see are you able to see any DATA.

    Also , please try to reboot the Server so that all Disk will be refreshed.

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  2. Herzog, Matthias 1 Reputation point

    I do see all the data, but I am a little bit afraid of a reboot. I don't know how the system behaves and wether the drive will still be accessible, which is vital to some servers using this windows machine as an NFS host.

    Before starting this on the live data and disks I tried it with two small storage pools and two virtuals disks and everything went fine, so I do not know what went wrong here or did nothing gr wrong and this is desired behaviour?

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