OUTLOOK: Extraction of Outlook email item attributes for Grouping of Conversation

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Hi Microsoft folks,

I am facing a developing issue with Microsoft Outlook email grouping.

I am trying to extract different emails from several different email pools to be placed into a single interface consolidated view of related emails, the extraction is successful.
However, I have issues grouping them into Outlook browser, Conversation View, email threads style.

With reference to
REF: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/0788c261-9c3b-4176-aafa-cd7f91b2266a/some-conversations-not-grouping-in-outlook-2010?forum=outlook

I had attempted the below:

(1) extracted "conversationTopic"
but if 2 emails are created with identical "Subject" Text, then they will be grouped together in my consolidated-view application.

e.g. creating 2 emails using "New message" button in Outlook browser in the SAME inbox with same Subject Text,
the emails are separated in the Outlook browser (good - meets expectation for different email threads)
but the 2 different 'email thread' emails are grouped together in my application (bad)

i.e. In Outlook browser (Conversation View active) in the SAME inbox:
Email 1 = created via "New message" button: Subject Text = "MESSAGE A" (Under Email Thread 1)
Email 2 = created via "New message" button: Subject Text = "MESSAGE A" (Under Email Thread 2)

In my app, any email with same Subject Text under same Email Thread/Group...

(2) using "conversationId" and "conversationIndex" attributes
after the 1st NEW email, subject replied emails have different conversationId and conversationIndex...

Email 1 = created via "New message" button: conversationId = ABC00001
Email2 = created via "Reply" button on Email1: conversationId = ABC0002
Email3 = created via "Reply" button on Email1: conversationId = ABC0002
Email4 = created via "Reply" button on Email2: conversationId = ABC0002

I am am trying to implement a "CONVERSATION_STARTER" flag that can help me identify that a
email object created with "New message" button = 1
email object created with "Reply", "Reply All" or "Forward" = 0

to help me group emails properly in my app, but need advise from Microsoft if such attribute is available from current API or any 3rd party library,
I been googling, searching and reading up but to no avail, not sure of I missed anything.

Please help....

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  1. Chicky Caramel 1 Reputation point

    Btw, has Microsoft solved this issue since 2016? or the community had already found some alternatives?

    Need advice to know if there is such function/parameter to flag REPLY, FORWARD message type.

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