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Marco Salvatori 191 Reputation points

I have implemented the code to share data with my APP.
On Android, if my APP exists in the background, it works fine.


otherwise, if android closed my app, it won't load the controls in the form correctly.


What could be the problem?

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  1. Marco Salvatori 191 Reputation points

    after several tests, i found the problem.
    I use a TabbedPage.
    to visualize the page correctly, I have to insert this instruction
    android: TabbedPage.ToolbarPlacement = "Bottom"
    'Bottom' and not 'Top'. with 'Top' the page remains empty.

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  1. Wenyan Zhang (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 27,906 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!
    I test the share feature with two apps, it works fine, I am so sorry I can't reproduce your issue, you could check your code according to the following steps.

    First, click the button to share in ShareImageTwo(An app to share)

    private async void Button_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)  
                await Share.RequestAsync(new ShareTextRequest  
                    Text = "",  
                    Title = "ShareImageUrlString"  

    Second, receive the text in ShareImageOne(means your app)

    1. add [IntentFilter(new[] { "android.intent.action.SEND" }, Categories = new[] { Intent.CategoryDefault }, DataMimeTypes = new[] { "text/plain" })] to MainActivity.cs
    2. receive the text in OnCreate function and use MessagingCenter to pass this text to Forms project.
             protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)  
          Xamarin.Essentials.Platform.Init(this, savedInstanceState);  
          global::Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(this, savedInstanceState);  
          LoadApplication(new App());  
          if (this.Intent.Action == Intent.ActionSend)  
              var url = this.Intent.Extras.GetString(Intent.ExtraText);  
              MessagingCenter.Send<string,string>("11","imageUrl", url);                 
    3. subscribe to this message and display
      public MainPage()  
              MessagingCenter.Subscribe<string, string>("11", "imageUrl", async (sender, arg) =>  
                  myLabel.Text = arg;  
                  await DisplayAlert("Message received", "arg=" + arg, "OK");// test   
                  imageurl = arg;  
                  await Navigation.PushModalAsync(new ShowImagePage(imageurl));  
    4. new page to display the image
      public ShowImagePage(string imageurl)  
              myImage.Source = ImageSource.FromUri(new Uri(imageurl));   

    You also could upload your basic, minimal, reproducible project to github and attach the link here, then I will download and test it.

    Best Regards,
    Wenyan Zhang

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