MS Graph API: incident during work with IVR API.

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We’ve performed a request to recordResponse at 2021-08-31 14:57:36,406 UTC. Once record operation succeeded, we retrieved recording data according to notification format.

However during recording audio downloading from <"recordingLocation" (value?)> using token <"recordingAccessToken" (value?)> we received following response body:

 {"operationFailure":{"phrase":"Multi-Instance Support failed"},"debugContent":{"correlationId":"f0c5a8d1-2ece-4ee3-92ad-518736047ce0","reason":"Proxying message failed to reach peer instance"}}  

While we expected to receive audio file content in the response body.
No similar errors/reports/issues were found on MS dev forums and other resources.

Please describe what does this response body mean, what was the reason for the described issue, and how frequently should we expect such issue to occur?

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