A new device appears every day of the very same computer

Nagy, András 1 Reputation point

In our environment we have more than 300 devices, these are almost all Windows Servers.
And this single server appears every day as a new device. 7 days, 7 devices, and all with the same GUID.
I noticed that a few weeks ago, I read lots of forum entries, almost all of the SCCM client logs of this server, couldn't find anything really suspicous.
I reinstalled the client twice, for the second time according to this post (https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/32264a03-1759-4a25-9b21-413c8de9fe4f/client-keeps-assigning-the-same-guid), I thought maybe the Citrix causes some trouble. (We have many other Servers with Citrix, no problems)
So I removed the SCCM client, after a reboot ran the Active Directory System Discovery (that runs automatically only weekly), that found the Server, I approved it (we have no automatic approval), I installed the client from the Console. I checked the machine, the client was there, running.
Not everything seemed right though. In the general informations of the device in the console the Client Check Result was None and did not become Active.
There is a planned restart every workday at 2:00, because of Citrix.
And the next day, right after the restart the new device appears, as I see it is created by the MP_ClientRegistration.
Looks pretty much the same, but one has to approve it (no automatic approval), with the exception, that this one is Active, Client Check Result: Passed, the icon checked with the green mark, the former device gets a grey x.
Actually this new instance looks better, only the AD System Discovery agent is missing, beause that runs only weekly.
But it lasts only one day.

Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Amandayou-MSFT 11,051 Reputation points

    Hi @Nagy, András

    only the AD System Discovery agent is missing

    Is this the description as screenshot?


    According to your information, please check these logs to see if there is any error in it.

    LocationServices.log, it records the client activity for locating management points, software update points, and distribution points.

    CCMNotificationAgent.log, it records activities related to client notification operations.

    Besides, please check if there is just a record of client in AD.

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  2. Nagy, András 1 Reputation point

    Thanks Amandayou,

    maybe I wasn't clear.

    The server is in the AD. This is an otherwise good functioning Citrix VDA server. Only the SCCM client is not okay.

    If I start an AD System Discovery manually, then it is shown in the device properties. But automatically that runs only once a week. So the client, that appears the next day, does not have an ADSD record. And then the next day a new one appears. And so on.

    The problem is, that every single day there is a new entry of the same client in the SCCM console. Somehow the system does not use the existing device.

    The client reaches the MP. As far as I see, it is the MP_ClientRegistration that creates the new entry every day.

    I checked the two logs you mentioned, I compared the contents to that of other servers in the same domain, that have a good functioning SCCM client. I found no differences.

    Why are the existing devices not good anymore? Why are new devices being created every single day? Where can I find traces of this action?