how to migrate cdc changes of multiple tables to azure sql db using adf

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I have multiple tables in azure SQL DB with CDC enabled on all of them. I want to migrate the changes made on CDC enabled table to another azure SQL DB using ADF pipelines. I have made the pipeline for migrating changes of a single table but am stuck when changes are made to multiple tables how I can check for the changes made in the source and migrate them to the destination in the same pipeline.

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  1. HimanshuSinha-msft 19,386 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Shubhi Jain ,
    Thanks for the ask and using the Microsoft Q&A platform .
    When you say that you have done the implementation for 1 table , did you used paramterized the dataset ? Basically you should be able to pass the the tablename as parameter and that table related CDC data should be copied to sink . If not let me know I am help you with that .

    If you have already done that then use lookup to get all the CDC enabled tablename and pass the same to the existing pipeline .

    *****Edited the posted on 9/29

    We can achieve the same by performing the below steps .

    1. Get all the table name on which the cdc is enabled .


    select capture_instance from cdc.change_tables

    The output will be in form of cdc.schemaname_tablename eg cdc.HR.Employee . We will use this in the Lookup activity .

    1. Use a for each activity with a explaression like

    @activity('Get all the table name on which CDC is enabled').output.value

    3.In SQL to query the CDC table on the source side they follow the query structure

    select * from cdc.SomtestSchema_Table1_ct so in our case it will

    select * from cdc.HR_Employee_ct

    So add a copy activity and in the source as below dynamic expression ('SELECT * FROM cdc.',item().capture_instance,'_ct')


    and since our intention is to add the cdc data on the destination in a table like schemaName.Table so we will create a array variable and derieve the schema name and table name from it .


    --- Let me explain this here , we got the schema name in step 1 as cdc.HR.Employee , the above expression will give us an array as ['HR','Employee'] , we will use this a parametertized values on the sink side .


    Please do let me know how it goes .
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