Enterprise Application - Register 2 'applications' on the same appProxy?

Dan Haddad 1 Reputation point

Question regarding AppProxy and RDS (Remote Desktop).

We have both the traditional RDWeb portal, and the Native HTML portal available.

I'm trying to register both as an application available to end users via MyApps. However, when you create the on-prem enterprise application it creates the matching App Registration; the branding endpoint URL (home page) can only be set once.

I can't duplicate the Enterprise Application because it requires a unique endpoint URL. I cant duplicate the AppRegistration and point it to a different URL because Azure manages the CWAP_AuthSecret.

What I'm trying to accomplish:
Remote Desktop Native > rds2.msappproxy.net/RDWeb/webclient/index.html
Remote Desktop Legacy > rds2.msappproxy.net/RDWeb/

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  1. Marilee Turscak-MSFT 35,541 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    I met with the product team and confirmed that this is indeed by design.

    This is a constraint when configuring an application that no two apps should have the same internal URL as this allows App Proxy to maintain distinction between applications.

    We looked through existing epics as well and we have nothing planned around this limitation. That said, I am happy to present your use case to the product team if you would like to provide more details.

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  2. Dan Haddad 1 Reputation point

    @Marilee Turscak-MSFT

    The use case is fairly simple, say you have multiple LOB applications hosted on the same server; say for example microsoft's own RDS.

    1-You by default have the RDS RDWeb landing page published to https://rds-web.domain.com/RDWeb/index.html (uses legacy RDP client)
    2-Some of your users really like modern stuff and want the HTML5 RDP client; this gets published to https://rds-web.domain.com/webclient/index.html

    So now you want to publish this using an app proxy, and give users a choice (or target based on device, whatever); so that some clients get the /RDWeb/ other clients get the /webclient/ ; well you can't do this. The solution? More Servers?

    (RDS is very particular about the hostnames and certs, so unlikely you can give it an alternate host name.)

    It is not uncommon for , especially legacy apps, to have something like /client/ and another like /admin/ that maybe a manger should be able to to access.