How to do Query in Sql Server

Nona Mohammed 41 Reputation points

I have a problem .... I'm trying to execute This Querry but give me an error

insert into GenStoTable(ProductID,StID,Quantity,LowQ)(select (select id from ProductTable),max(ID),0,0 from StrNamTable)

I'm trying to use insert into with select from 2 tables .... please help me ... and thank's alot

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  1. Viorel 113.9K Reputation points

    Try removing "( )":

    insert into GenStoTable(ProductID, StID, Quantity, LowQ)
    select (select id from ProductTable), max(ID), 0, 0 
    from StrNamTable

    It assumes that ProductTable has a single row, otherwise it cannot work.

    Give details if you need something different.

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  1. MelissaMa-MSFT 24,176 Reputation points

    Hi @Nona Mohammed ,

    the final result that need it
    GenStoTable ProductID StID Quantity LowQ
    4 3 0 0
    5 3 0 0
    6 3 0 0
    7 3 0 0

    Please refer below:

     insert into GenStoTable(ProductID,StID,Quantity,LowQ)  
     select id ,(select max(id) from StrNamTable),0,0 from ProductTable  


    ProductID	StID	Quantity	LowQ  
    4	3	0	0  
    5	3	0	0  
    6	3	0	0  
    7	3	0	0  

    Best regards,

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